Frequently Asked Questions

Swapping is an instant cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to exchange crypto fast and buy it with a bank card. The service provides the best crypto-to-crypto rates and supports over 140 cryptocurrencies available for exchange is an Instant Cryptocurrency Exchange. It allows you to swap your Crypto into other Crypto Assets and also allows you to buy using your bank cards or PayFQ Cards.

It’s simple as it seems, it’s basically like transferring your tokens between two accounts.

  • Visit

  • Select the asset you are going to deposit

  • Enter the number of asset you want to deposit

  • Select the asset you want to receive

  • Click Exchange Now

  • Enter the address to which you want to receive your swapped assets

  • Done.

NO, you don’t have to create an account; You can Swap your Assets anonymously.

NO, lets you swap assets without any KYC verification, it’s completely hassle free.

NO, at the moment Swapping is completely free, Users only have to pay the fees required by the network to complete the transaction.

A receiving address is the address where your swapped coins will be sent to. All users are requested to verify your receiving address before proceeding.

A wallet is a digital place where you can store cryptocurrency coins and tokens. A wallet address is a randomly generated combination of digits and letters that is associated with a particular wallet. You can visit, to get access to wallets provided by payfrequent.

Each time any amount of cryptocurrency is sent or exchanged, the currency goes through a blockchain. This process requires a small fee called a ‘network fee’. The network fee is a commission that a blockchain takes from the amount sent in each currency.

Yes, there is a specific amount of crypto that is required to be deposited, Please follow the amount recommendations we provide. Otherwise, there is a high risk that your transaction will not go through and your money will be lost.

Unfortunately, blockchain transactions are irreversible. Once a transaction is made (money is sent to a particular wallet address), it cannot be rolled back. So, if you are going to exchange cryptocurrency, be sure to double check all payment details carefully before sending.

A hash (or tx ID) is the unique address of a transaction in a blockchain that acts as a record or proof that the transaction has taken place. Usually, the hash is a combination of digits and lowercase letters (uppercase in the case of XRP). Whenever you make a payment in cryptocurrency, you receive a hash displayed in your wallet.

It will be swapped instantly and you will receive your coins as soon as you get enough network confirmation for the transaction to take place.

As of now we are supporting a limited number of crypto assets eg. PUSD, PEURO, BTC, ETH, PayFQ, Tomo, Etc.

We store all our assets in cold storage and it is not connected to the internet in anyways. Your assets are safe and secure at

You can store them in any Tomochain supported Wallet. And you also have the option to store it in our website (

NO, there is no such system at the moment, Swapping is completely free.

You can visit CONTACT US tab and you will find the necessary details to contact us.

Make sure you have entered the correct address that matches to your asset. It may even Fail in case you have made a mistake or selected incorrect wallet address.

We do not store any Crypto. Crypto is Swapped instantly and sent to the receiving address. We provide complete customer support.

YES, At, your privacy will be maintained and you will have a complete private User experience.